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Individual Psychotherapy

In individual counseling sessions I can help you...


navigate a major loss or transition...

Have you ever felt as if the ground was giving way under your feet? Major losses and life transitions can be painful, and disorienting. It's important that you give yourself time to grieve the old life that's dissolving, and decide what you really want as you move forward. I can provide you with support and guidance through this process.

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meet the challenge of relationships...

Intimate relationship can be a incredibly joyful and fulfilling. It can also be tremendously challenging. I work with individuals when they are facing obstacles in trusting their partner, feeling loved or working through conflicts. I can help you bring gentleness and clarity to this process.


find your way as a highly sensitive person...                                                 

Being a highly-sensitive person in our culture is a bit like being a finely tuned sound system trying to host a heavy metal concert. As children, many highly sensitive people are given the message that they are supposed to be just like everyone else, and aren't allowed to pay attention to their own particular needs. But in order to be in a position to enjoy the gifts of being sensitive, you need to be willing to listen to and honor your own feelings and needs. Likewise, people with a spiritual-orientation may feel lost in our culture, which doesn't acknowledge the spiritual dimension of life. In order to live a fulfilling life, it's important to make space in your life for this very real, important part of who you are.

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engage with your own unique spiritual path...

Many of us lead our lives with our conscious mind as our only guide. Meanwhile our deepest feelings, aspirations, and wisdom often remain below the surface of our awareness. Buddhist practice and Jungian soul work are both about opening up a dialogue between our conscious mind and our larger resources of wisdom. When we are able to connect with the deeper layers of our nature, we can begin making decisions which honor our whole self.

You may have found it very difficult to find people who you can talk to about your unique experience of spirituality. Many spiritual approaches speak about spirituality in a "one-size fits all" kind of way- as if human beings paths of spiritual growth were basically the same. The truth is, human beings are radically different from one another and each one of us comes into this life with a very unique path of learning to tread. What is true and helpful for one person may be not at all helpful for another. I am committed to helping you understand how your own unique path of spiritual growth is unfolding, and the wisdom you can find by listening more deeply to your own center, and by opening to your own genuine guides.


heal anxiety...

Anxiety hits you in thoughts, feelings and physical sensations all telling you that something is wrong- there's something you need to fear, and you don't know what it is. This experience can consume your attention- separating you from the experience of life, so you may feel like you're hovering above your life rather than being able to engage in or enjoy it.

People often fall into anxiety when they are faced with feelings or life experiences that seem too overwhelming to face directly. We avoid the truth of our own feelings because the implications are too scary to recon with. In order to resolve your anxiety, it is necessary to face the internal and external realities you've been avoiding, and start to allow the inconvenient but unavoidable truths about yourself and your situation into awareness. Therapy can give you the space to uncover what you've hidden from yourself, and the encouragement take the necessary steps to honor those truths.



heal childhood and relationship trauma...

Trauma causes fragmentation in the psyche. It can leave you feeling confused, isolated, overwhelmed, and cut off from your ability to feel. Healing trauma involves mending this fragmentation:

  • Reestablishing a coherent, positive sense of self
  • Reestablishing bonds of trust with other people
  • Reconnecting with your body and feelings
  • Reestablishing a coherent sense of your past, present & future

When the trauma you experienced happened in relationship, learning to trust again can be difficult. But it is possible to trust, to mend, and to feel whole again. I can help, no matter where you are in the process.


manage, understand and resolve anger...

Anger contains wisdom. It is a signal from the body that you feel threatened, your boundaries are being violated or your needs are not being taken into account. But anger can also be destructive to relationships. I can support you in learning to give space to and honor what you are feeling, without endangering your relationships by acting out your anger impulsively or pointing it at the people you care about.