Counseling that supports you in healing mind, heart, body and soul.

If you're going through a difficult transition, experiencing a loss of meaning, struggling with anxiety, depression, anger or unresolved trauma, or struggling in your relationship, I'm here to help. 

Reviews from clients

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"Lee saw me through a failing marriage and helped me to find sound footing post-divorce. Lee's therapeutic approach is different than I have experienced in the past.  He provided a safe environment to navigate my own path while offering... tools to create the present and future that I desired. I am most grateful for his gentle yet effective approach which encourages self love and personal growth.  I would highly recommend Lee to anyone looking for support and the opportunity for growth in a wide variety of life's challenges." -L.B. (Yelp review, 3/17/16)


Appreciations from Clients

"... it was your kindness that has made an infinite difference in my life that has allowed me not only to return to my industry... in a position of leadership, but to also begin to like myself and even see the possibility of things I didn’t see as possible before, but that you had a hope that one day I would. Lee, thank you." 

"I've come a long way from where I was when I began meeting with you. I'm a lot more comfortable with who I am now... less willing to put up with bad treatment from anyone..." 

"I appreciate that you're willing to offer homework and things to try, instead of just listening all the time and not having much of a response... "

"Thank you so much for all your guidance... You have helped me listen to the most important voice of all, my Self."

five stars copy                                           

"Before seeing Lee, I had tried a number of different approaches to therapy--none of which were particularly helpful... I found Lee by accident on the internet... I sent an inquiry about the trauma I had recently experienced and within a day received a very thorough and thoughtful reply. I scheduled an appointment shortly thereafter.

I walked away from every appointment with some new awakening or self-revelation. I kept a journal in my car so I could write down as much as I could after every session. Having never meditated prior to this, I found it to be a very insightful way to feel things that were otherwise locked away. Lee has a unique talent to offer the therapy world. I walked in apprehensive that a meditative approach could actually work. Now I actively tell others about my experiences.

...I feel forever grateful for the experiences Lee introduced me to, the encouragement he offered, and the compassion he had towards all my experiences. Non-judgmental, patient, understanding, and open-minded. A truly great human-being and even better therapist."    -M.M. (Yelp review, 3.20.16)

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"My job is to help you understand and honor the guidance that's available in your own experience, the inner knowing which has been there all along."


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